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Sponge Media™

The Sponges for Sponge Blasting

Sponge-Jet has developed a series of sponge abrasives in which the best abrasives or micro-abrasive particles are incorporated in a high-quality synthetic sponge. The extensive range of recyclable sponges provides superior results for aggressive profiling and sanding or delicate cleaning on highly sensitive substrates. The synthetic sponge contains MicroContainment™ technology that captures up to 99% of contaminants, significantly reducing hazardous emissions.

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Different types of Sponge Media

There is a suitable sponge for almost every conceivable situation. There are more than 25 different types of sponges. From the 'Blue' sponge that is used for delicate cleaning work to the 'Silver 16' sponge that can be very aggressive and penetrates straight through steel and concrete.

Below you will find an overview of the most commonly used sponges.

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High quality

Meets industry standards of today and the future

Sponge-Jet's Sponge Media is manufactured in the United States. The ISO 9001 certified production process guarantees a high-quality product. The abrasives comply with REACH, the European regulation on the production of and trade in chemical substances. The product itself contains no harmful substances, this can be checked if necessary via the Safety Data Sheet (MSDS-Sheet).

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Which Sponge?

It can be difficult to make the right choice for which sponge is needed for a particular application. After all, every project is different. Factors such as the substrate, the coating (paint system), the contamination, the accessibility of the object to be blasted, and many other factors influence the result.

Sponge Blasting with Sponge-Jet means that a flexible system is used. Whether concrete, stone, plastic, glass, aluminum, steel, wood, composite, or any other surface, with Sponge-Jet Sponge Blasting almost any surface can be blasted or cleaned.

Below: an overview of the possible applications per substrate.

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Also available online

A part of the Sponge-Jet Sponge Blasting product range is available online via the webshop.

Sponge Abrasives: About Us
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