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Blast Pots

For Sponge Blasting

Sponge-Jet has developed a range of blast pots - called Feed Units - that can be used to blast effectively. The mobile sponge blast pots are designed with various functions to be used for any application. From standard, budget machines to high-quality systems specially designed for extreme environments.

Blast Pots (Feed Units): Our Technology

Our mobile blast pots

To apply Sponge Blasting

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Short summary of mobile blast pots

  • The Ultra-Mobile RASP blast pot is suitable for use in small projects, such as blasting welding seams or to blast a sample quickly.

  • The 170-CG blast pot is our budget machine, for large projects with always the same settings on the machine.

  • The 170-SJ is our best-selling machine, this device is an absolute all-round machine and extremely reliable.

  • The 170-EX is our ATEX machine. Suitable for use in type 2 explosion zones.

  • The 470-SJ is the largest mobile unit, suitable for large all-round projects.

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High Quality

Meets industry standards of today and the future

Sponge-Jet Blast Pots are manufactured in the United States. The ISO 9001 certified production process guarantees a high-quality product. The machines come with a CE declaration. Manuals are available in various languages including English, Dutch, German & French.

Blast Pots (Feed Units): Welcome

Our complete systems

For Sponge Blasting at stationary locations

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Brief summary of our complete systems

Sponge-Jet complete systems combine three essential components of Sponge-Jet technology to Sponge Blast:

  • A Sponge-Jet Feed Unit™ for delivering or blasting of Sponge Media products.

  • A Sponge-Jet Recycler™ to clean and prepare Sponge Media products for reuse.

  • A vacuum or material handling system for recovery and transportation of Sponge Media™.

Blast Pots (Feed Units): Welcome
Comparison between Sponge Blasting & Garnet

Comparison between Sponge Blasting & Garnet

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Also available online

A part of the Sponge-Jet Sponge Blasting Product range is also available online via the webshop.

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