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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is your service area for Sponge-Jet products?

We are Sponge-Jet distributor for the Benelux: Belgium, The Netherlands and Luxembourg. We offer our main services only in this area. If you want to order products for outside the Benelux you need to arrange transportation of the products yourself. Moreover, maintenance or repair requests are only accepted within the Benelux.

Please note that Sponge-Jet Inc. has an extensive distributor network around Europe and the rest of the world. If you are looking for your local Sponge-Jet distributor we recommend you visit to submit your request.

Can I request a demo?


Do you want to know what Sponge-Jet Sponge Blasting is? Visit us during a demo day and we will tell you all about this technique! You will receive a presentation about the Sponge-Jet system and by means of a live demonstration you can see the product in action up close.

Here you can sign up for a demo at our facility in The Netherlands.

Would you like a demo on location? Contact us for the possibilities.

How much does Sponge Blasting cost?

The costs of Sponge Blasting depends strongly on your application, such as the substrate, the degree of contamination, the desired level of cleanliness and how often the Sponge Media™ can be reused. Average prices for industrial applications for the technology itself usually vary between 20 and 35 Euro per square meter.

We do not carry out any work ourselves, you can apply the technique yourself (possibly with our guidance) or hire an experienced contractor. It is therefore best to contact us to get a better idea of the possible costs for your situation and how you can apply Sponge Blasting.

Do you offer internships?

I want to order parts and / or products, where can I do this?

You can order most products directly on our webshop:

It is also possible to place orders by phone or e-mail. You can also pick up small orders (by appointment) from us in Vianen, The Netherlands. Please contact us for the options.

Do you supply to private individuals?

No, we only supply our products and services to companies and organizations with a Chamber of Commerce number (the Netherlands) or VAT number (abroad).

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