An overview of the products to apply Sponge Blasting




The sponge, the core of our innovation. Available in more than 25 different types, for almost every conceivable application.


Blast pots

Machines for blasting

A modified blast pot that is specifically designed to handle the Sponge Media™ abrasive is required. These machines are available in different types.


Industrial vacuum cleaners

Machines for collecting the sponge abrasive

Depending on the application, manual collection and / or disposal of the abrasive after application is time-consuming. By using an industrial vacuum machine (vacuum cleaner) this part of the process can be made considerably easier.



Machines for reusing Sponge Media

The Sponge Media can be prepared for reuse by a Recycler machine. Non-reusable sponges that have lost their dust suppressing properties are removed from the reusable sponge stream. This is an effective and environmentally friendly working method.



To always be able to work safely and effectively

No job is the same. Whether blasting or cleaning with Sponge-Jet, there is a high probability that specific accessories are required, such as nozzles and hoses.


Also available online

A part of the Sponge-Jet Sponge Blasting product range is now online available via the Reemster.com webshop.



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