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Also known as a Sponge Media Abrasive Re-grader

Sponge-Jet Sponge Blasting Recyclers™ are used to separate dust, paint particles and other materials from reusable Sponge Media™ blasting abrasive as part of the recycling process. These machines are designed to clean the sponges as well as possible. Larger machines have a higher capacity and remove a higher percentage of fine contaminants than smaller machines.

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Sponge-Jet Recyclers™ are manufactured in the United States. The ISO 9001 certified production process guarantees a high-quality product. The machines are supplied with a CE declaration. Manuals are available in various languages including Dutch, English, German & French.

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Our mobile Recyclers

To be able to reuse sponges

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Short summary of mobile recyclers

  • The Ultra-Mobile 25P (Pneumatic) recycler is suitable to be combined with the RASP blast pot.

  • The 35P (Pneumatic) and 35E (Electric) recyclers are suitable for most medium sized projects.

  • The 50P (Pneumatic) recycler is suitable for medium to large projects.

  • The 70P (Pneumatic) and 70E (Electric) recyclers provide excellent cleaning of sponges, extremely suitable for e.g. asbestos or chromium-6 conditions.

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We partner with to offer you an extensive range of Sponge-Jet Recyclers.

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