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The mission of our technology

The new standard for surface treatment

Today's most commonly used blasting media contains hazardous substances such as beryllium, lead, asbestos, cadmium, arsenic and crystalline silica. The dangers of crystalline silica in abrasives have been known since the 1930s, and there have been thousands of deaths and lawsuits based on this problem. Unfortunately, the market has not learned much from this today and mainly uses waste products from industrial processes as a "valuable abrasive". As a result, hazards are further dissipated with all the consequences for people and the environment, not to mention that often the objects to be blasted are actually dangerous. Fortunately, things can be done better nowadays.

Sponge-Jet Sponge Blasting is more than a surface technology, it is an innovation with over 30 years of experience. The use of high-quality blasting media and limiting dust formation is the only truly safe approach to blasting responsibly. By suppressing dust formation during the blasting process, harmful emissions are limited. It makes blasting easier and more pleasant for the user to perform. Personal protective equipment can be made lighter and containment and dust control becomes much less expensive. With Sponge-Jet Sponge Blasting this is no longer the future, it is reality.

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Comparison between Sponge Blasting & Garnet

Comparison between Sponge Blasting & Garnet

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The power of conventional blasting; without the drawbacks

The Sponge-Jet technology suppresses the formation of dust and rebound of blasting media which can result in expensive and dangerous working conditions. Sponge-Jet's low-dust, recyclable process with low abrasive rebound provides the following benefits:

  • Less dust formation

  • Less chance of user exposure and fatigue

  • Less chance of (eye) injuries

  • Better vision and results after the first treatment

  • Less defects and inefficiency

  • High-quality surface preparation in sensitive areas or confined spaces

  • The solution for treating surfaces near already applied coatings, instruments and equipment

  • Low transport costs

  • Less pollution, reporting, waste production and financial risks

  • More friendly to the environment

  • Nearby activities remain undisturbed

  • Less work interruption, improved effectiveness

  • Coatings last longer, saving maintenance costs

  • Easy to apply, control, ventilate and clean up

  • Less waste, less handling and waste transport

Innovative Technology: Our Technology
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Low Dust

Even if you are standing right next to it

Sponge-Jet Sponge Blasting is an innovative technology that does what we say: suppress dust. The Sponge-Jet blasting media - called SpongeMedia™ - consists of a polyurethane sponge with impregnated blasting media such as aluminum oxide, glass bead or plastic media. There are more than 25 types of SpongeMedia™ that can reach almost any profile (0-300μ), at the highest surface cleanliness standard (ISO 8501 SA3). Associated Sponge-Jet equipment provides precise control so that the system is very manageable; from cleaning sensitive surfaces to the selective removal of coatings. With our innovative technology you reduce up to 99% dust and remove up to 6x more surface chlorides compared to conventional blasting.

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How does it work?

No rocket science

The heart of the Sponge-Jet system is the special sponge material. This patented technology combines the absorbing power of urethane sponge with the cleaning and cutting power of conventional abrasives.

Innovative Technology: Our Technology

Different Sponges

For different applications

The choice of sponge type depends on the application. If cleaning is required, such as removing varnish from wood, or polishing natural stone, a different type of sponge is required than when aggressive blasting is required, such as removing rust or old paint layers.


Green SpongeMedia™

Remove smoke & oil


Silver SpongeMedia™

All-rounder in surface preparation

Red SpongeMedia™

Aggressive rust removal


Blue SpongeMedia™

Clean without abrasive impact

Innovative Technology: Products

Which machines are needed for Sponge blasting?

In addition to the blasting agent a number of machines are required

Innovative Technology: List


For sufficient air supply to the blast pot and any additional machines.

The recommended technical requirements for a compressor vary depending on the blasting application. Usually a heavy compressor is required with a capacity of at least 10 m³/min at 8 bar.

You can contact us for personal advice.

Sponge-Jet Blast Pot (Feed Unit™)

A modified blast pot that is specifically designed to handle the Sponge Media™ is required. These machines are available in different types.

For available blast pots, click here.

Industrial Vacuum Cleaner

Depending on the application, manual collection and / or disposal of the abrasive after application is time-consuming. By using an industrial vacuum machine (vacuum cleaner) this part of the process can be made considerably easier.

For available industrial vacuum cleaners, click here.

Sponge-Jet Recycler™

The sponges can be cleaned with a recycler for reuse. Non-reusable sponges that have lost their dust suppressing properties are removed from the reusable sponge stream. As a result, people are working effectively and environmentally conscious.

For available recyclers, click here.

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