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Meet Sponge Blasting

Low-dust, dry and recyclable blasting & cleaning

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What is Sponge Blasting?

The new standard for surface treatment

Sponge blasting is an alternative system for conventional blasting. The product is manufactured by the American company Sponge-Jet Inc. and is produced in accordance with the latest industry standards (SSPC-AB4) and is ISO 9001 certified.

The strength of the system is the patented Sponge Media™ blasting agent. This media consists of two components. An artificial (polyurethane) sponge serves as a carrier for an abrasive, such as aluminum oxide or glass beads.

A Sponge-Jet blast pot (known as a Sponge-Jet Feed Unit™) drives the Sponge Media™ abrasives to a surface using compressed air. The blast pressure and media feed can be adjusted via a centralized control panel so that the desired (accurate) result can be achieved.

The sponge is crushed upon impact on a surface and cleans or abrades the surface using the impregnated abrasive. The sponge expands afterwards, which creates a vacuum that collects the loosened coatings and dirt.

The Sponge Media™ can collect up to 95% of the loosened waste material and thus considerably reduces the formation of (fine) dust and harmful emissions as seen during conventional blasting operations. The sponge has almost no kinetic energy left after impact and falls in the immediate vicinity to the ground.

Because much less dust development occurs with sponge blasting, the user can clearly follow his progress and protective measures, such as personal protective equipment, can be lighter and less restrictive.

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Sponge-Jet Introduction

Sponge-Jet Introduction

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